About Us

Never give up on your dreams!

Many people fail to pursue their dreams for fear of failure. Well, I have been chasing this dream for a number of years, to own my own e-commerce online store. For so many years, I started and stopped pursuing my dreams mostly out of fear or doubt that I would be the biggest failure.

Only to find out there are no success without some pain of failures.

I learned in time to keep a positive attitude about the small achievements while working toward my goals. I developed a never give up attitude to discourage the years of negative thinking which made me stronger and more motivated to keep my eye on the prize. I learned to aim higher for more significant results, to take more risks and do things people my age are afraid of.

 A common problem I have noticed is that most people lack the motivation and drive to push themselves to their very limits. To sacrifice for their dreams, to take action all of the way down that risky path to success.  Desire is what kept me motivated!

Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire, which transcends everything. We need to have that desire to be continuously ignite, to succeed. We all have dreams and goals we want to realize and achieve. We should keep scratching and clawing our way to the top and find ways to keep ourselves motivated from start to finish.

Some years ago, as a social worker I worked with special needs children that was the best part of my career. Then, I had a different calling and began working with challenging adults with disabilities. Working with young children has always been my niche and designing a project that focus on infants and toddlers, is my dream come true. It’s amazing how your big opportunity can be staring  you in the face and you don’t even see it. 

I have always been a decisive and self-confident person, over the course of my career as a social worker, I also managed rental properties that I own. After being a business manager for so many years I had the business savvy to understand the fundamental aspect to set clear imaginable goals, design benchmarks that could be attainable and to chart my progress with conviction.  

We work hard for our money at Alvino’s Baby Boutique, LLC and even harder to satisfy our customers.  We believe in showing our customers how we value them by building a strong relationship beyond the products and services we provide. More importantly, we started our business to empower new parents with tools to be bold, fearless and successful. We show our appreciation for their loyalty by providing the highest quality merchandise and fastest delivery imaginable.

Our priority over the next five years is to become a more efficient e-commerce store, improve customer satisfaction, build trust, deliver highest quality products, excellent service and shopping experience.     

Victory and fulfillment are two wonderful words since we realize that words and thoughts are a form of radio activity, we carefully choose the words we WISH to see crystallized.

Remember by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned, You are condemned by them because they return void. Change your words and you change your world, for your word is your world.